Advice and Guidance. Partners in Culture advises and guides cultural institutions, governmental bodies and businesses in regard to management, corporate structure, finances, fundraising, policy, politics, self-governance, stakeholder management, collections, communication, presentation, and education.

Public-Private Partnerships. Due to years of experience, Partners in Culture is able to assist both cultural institutions as well as businesses in studying and developing strategic alliances. In addition, Partners in Culture is particularly well-suited to provide advice regarding the cultural and recreational aspects of real estate (re-)development projects.

Perspective. Thanks to years of extensive hands-on experience and a large network of specialists, Partners in Culture is capable of providing a total package. We will work with you to create a complete, tailored solution, taking into consideration all aspects that are unique to your organization, project, or business.


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1078 XH Amsterdam - NL

+31 20 6798135

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